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Elena Mishutushkina, en

Nice staff great breakfast

Sweslik, ru

+ We always stay at this hotel. Delicious breakfasts. Discount in Cafe Sicily. And, to be honest, this is the most decent hotel in Kropotkin. - There is no such thing

anna_sneg_, ru

This is not the first time I have stayed at this hotel. Always clean, quiet, and comfortable. Comfortable bed. No foreign odors. Individual /disposable hygiene products are provided. Sufficient lighting, general, bedside, table lamp-night light, general and additional lighting in the shower. In the lobby there is a cooler, there is an opportunity to drink tea/coffee. On the ground floor there is a cafe /pizzeria Sicily, you can order food in the room during the opening hours of the institution. Convenient location, easy to find. Within walking distance of pharmacies, grocery stores, mobile phone shops, railway and bus stations.

Marina, ru

Very clean, cozy, friendly staff, on the first floor pizzeria Sicily, very tasty food!!! I recommend it!!!

Olga Kim, ru

We knew that the room is economy and without a window. I thought it would be worse. The night with the baby and the day went well. My son liked it, especially the breakfast. I recommend the hotel to everyone) we book more than once and on different occasions, always good service and staff, clean rooms and delicious breakfasts

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